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Diaspora by David Floren, © 2009

"There are patterned life cycles made up in blossoms on the wind, and these are fragile emissions offered for brief moments only. The forest canopy releases its fruit and fills the lacunae with its benevolence, that all will return, once again, to balance. The dispersed seeds, the twirls of maple, the fecund pods explode, and add provenance to the soil below."

High up in a tree, hanging from a large branch, are several giant seed pods. In response to wind conditions and the sun, these pods emit seed matter. On sunny days, the pods open more quickly then on cloudy days. Over time, the audience can see the distinctive patterns that seeds make as they fall from trees.

David Floren is best known for complex mechanical, electronic sculptures that mix philosophical and scientific ideas. His current works are experiments in translocalism, and explore the development of technology and cultural systems, incorporating embedded webservers and miniature cameras. Theoretical interests include cultural diaspora, and the human diurnal/temporal narrative. He has also produced various art books and two collections of prose.