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Weidenhammer's Sonic Therapy Spa by Lori Weidenhammer, © 2009. Instruments by Peter Courtemanche

This work is a solar-powered mobile sonic therapy spa. The artist invites passersby to relax in a lawn chair and absorb sonic medication activated by biofeedback devices connected to the listener, the surrounding plants, and nearby beehives. The piece is inspired by science and pseudo-science from the late 1800s and early 1900s. It examines a place in between rigorous "scientific method" and "popular science". The spa treats participants to a dynamic tone chord that is infiltrated by the sound of honeybees.

Lori Weidenhammer is an interdisciplinary artist from Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan. Now living and working in Vancouver, much of her recent work (as the persona of Madame Beespeaker) deals with the science and culture of bees. Her works in performance, video, sound, installation, and the web have been seen across Canada and in Austria and Germany. Her recent work, "The Laughing Dress" (a collaboration with Peter Courtemanche, 2008), premiered at Platform Gallery in Winnipeg as part of Video Pool's 25th Anniversary.