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Alate by Robin Ripley, © 2009

Alate is a series of works which explore the temporal phases of VanDusen Garden's maple grove. The wind and solar powered amalgams of organic and man-made materials focus on winged maple seeds referencing biomimicry and "nature-inspired" technology. The installation creates a sense of variability and uncertainty within the formal gardens, causing visitors to stop and examine the details and complexities of plant systems and how they inform human technologies. By working on-site during the exhibition, the artist had the opportunity to meet and involve the public in the process of creating and thinking about these hybrid works.

Robin Ripley is a Vancouver artist who focuses on the re-examination of mundane objects as a way to explore sense, memory, and knowledge. Her working processes are often laborious, questioning current economic models of speed and "efficiency" while suggesting that transformation is still possible through small gestures if we make time to notice the details of the world. Her works have been widely shown throughout British Columbia.