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Second Site at Means of Production Garden.

For the Spring and Summer of 2011, Second Site is collaborating with MOPARRC to produce a series of workshops in May-June and an evening "Twilight Tea Party" exhibition at the Means of Production Garden (St. Catherine's and 6th Avenue in Vancouver). The Twilight Tea Party is June 26th, 2011 from 8pm to 10pm. Bring a flashlight and celebrate the long days and the setting sun with solar powered lanterns, phosphorescent installations, and the tea tent.

Presenting workshops and installations by Diana Burgoyne, Peter Courtemanche, David Floren, Robin Ripley, Naomi Singer, and Lori Weidenhammer.


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Buzzy Light Bugs workshops and installation by Diana Burgoyne, © 2010/2011

Elementary school students and workshop participants will learn about incorporating electronics with nature to make an artwork that will become a part of the Twilight Tea Party installation at the MOP garden on June 26th.  ..  more    |    photos


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Illuminated Shroom installation by Peter Courtemanche, © 2011

Inspired by the notion of wind-clocks, Illuminated Shroom is a solar powered fungus that monitors the wind during the daytime, and at night uses its findings to create a pattern of light, played-back on amber LEDs.  ..  more    |    photos


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How to make a solar lantern workshop by Peter Courtemanche.

Participants will build solar lanterns for use in Naomi Singer's "Light-headed Lanterns" - an installation for the June 26th Tea Party.  ..  more    |    photos


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(COME SEE) THE FRENECIRCES installation by David Floren, © 2011

A gondola travels along a high wire between two tall trees overlooking the garden. It absorbs solar energy during the day and at night it emits light, and text (wirelessly), and skitters along its support wire.  ..  more    |    photos


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TRACES workshop and installation by Robin Ripley, © 2011

Robin Ripley will work with students from Simon Fraser Elementary to make "traces" in phosphorescent materials that reflect the transitory nature of life in the garden. The resulting traces, charged up by flashlights, will be shown at the Twilight Tea Party.  ..  more    |    photos


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Light-headed Lanterns workshop and installation by Naomi Singer, © 2011

Workshop participatants will assist in making a solar illuminated lantern installation that will be featured at the Twilight Tea Party.  ..  more    |    photos


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Moth performance installation by Lori Weidenhammer, © 2011

In her installation and performance Lori Weidenhammer will embody a psychic medium appearing in an illuminated cocoon surrounded by the sounds of memory-ravaging moths.  ..  more    |    photos