Second Site collective.

Diana Burgoyne, Peter Courtemanche, David Floren, Ken Gregory, Robin Ripley, Matt Smith, and Lori Weidenhammer.


Second Site collective is a group of artists (mostly from Vancouver, Canada) who create and present electronic art (sound, kinetics, robotics, primal circuitry, sculpture) in public spaces. The collective is particularly interested in green spaces - parks, gardens, areas of urban agriculture, beaches, and "urban wilderness". The art created by Second Site causes the audience to do a "double take", transforming a familiar space into a "meta-site". A meta-site is a place where art has created a heightened sensory experience. It causes a sense of curiosity and enchantment in the viewer. A meta-site is a place where one hears a set of sounds behind the expected sounds, where familiar sites are remapped and re-inscribed with artistic inventions.


Upcoming Events

The Wind Garden - a Tea Party and wind-crafting workshop on Sunday May 31st, 2015. From 1pm to 4pm at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre. (Moberly is at E 60th and Prince Albert St. in Vancouver, two blocks east of Fraser).

Past Events

The Rain Gatherers - In March and April of 2013, Second Site worked with rain collecting, "rain power" and rain sensors at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The program included Workshops + Lab Sessions (March 9, 10, 12, 13, 14), an Exhibition opening and birdsong performance (March 16), and a Tour + Artist Talk + Ideas Session (March 23).

Twilight Tea Party - For the Spring and Summer of 2011, Second Site collaborated with MOPARRC to produce a series of workshops in May-June, and an evening exhibition on June 26 (from 8pm to 10pm) at the Means of Production Garden (St. Catherine's and 6th Avenue in Vancouver).

Second Site II at VanDusen Botanical Gardens - Running from July 4th through to September 6th, 2009. The gardens are located at 37th and Oak in Vancouver. Come when it's sunny .. the works are solar powered.

Second Site at VanDusen Botanical Gardens - Opening June 30th and July 1st, 2007. Running through July. The gardens are located at 37th and Oak in Vancouver.


Contact: noiseart (at) gmail (dot) com